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A picture tells a thousand words? Maybe so but ... words also paint too many pictures! However, in doing so, they reveal the heart!

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Saturday, July 07, 2001


I love going to the movies with an interactive audience. It's funny listening to a huge audience gasp together, bust out in laughter together, suddenly clap (when justice is served in an unjust manner) and of course, the obnoxious comments of three or four attention craving guys sporadically seated, shouting remarks as if it were the Superbowl. For me, it adds humor to hear the crowds verbal reactions.

Last night I blended in with one of those crowds, as some friends and I watched "Kiss of the Dragon" with Jet Li. While extremely graphic, the action kept you on the edge! I gave it * * * * * . Of course, the crowd was a bonus for me too.
posted by Kerr Bear 9:58 AM

Monday, July 02, 2001

Shades Shoppin'

"It's looks okay.", "Naaahhh!", "Those look wierd!"
These phrases were repeated over and over again sporadically for an hour as two of my friends and I tried on colored sunglasses in different shapes, sizes, and frames.

The ironic part was that at the beginning, no pair of sunglasses seemed to look right, but after an hour we liked too many! The funniest part is that out of the whole selection, all three of us ended up buying the same ones.
posted by Kerr Bear 9:29 PM