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Monday, July 23, 2001

Out of the closet

I am going out on a limb here, by admitting this. I am a mild Nsync fan. Yeah, I'm days away from turning 25, yeah, I'm a mom, and YEAH, I am an Nsync fan. No, I am not a groupie and no I don't have posters or even any of their CD's (pitiful, I know, for all you fellow fans reading this), but I did burn all of my favorite songs on a CD. Oh, I don't idolize them either (for all my fellow christians). I'm merely a fan. I think, man, they can dance!! And of course, they can sing. I am actually attending their concert when they come in August. Hey, I didn't pay for the ticket, my friend, who asked me to go with her paid for it. I am still too frugal to pay $60 for any concert ticket. I just have to buy her a t-shirt in return. Personally, I definitely am too old to wear an Nsync t-shirt. Anyway, they were on the Tonite Show and I'm thinking, man, they can dance...not like any of the other boy bands that have ever existed (that I can remember).

Some of "the girls" may kill me for this, but they are all "in the closet" Nsync fans also. Noone is hardcore, but they are fans. One of my friends in medical school, I might add, who's also older than me, bought their "No Strings Attached" CD the day it was released. Okay, at least I didn't do that. Another one, who is the oldest in our group, recorded their HBO live concert performance last year. My point? I guess I'm just downsizing my fanaticism. The funniest "in the closet" fan, however, is my brother. He actually burned their whole "No Strings Attached" CD and labeled it "hard mixes". One day he was jammin' to it in his car with his high profile amp and stereo (with the windows up, of course), and he parked his car to run some errands. When he came back, his stereo and amp was stolen along with the CD...can you imagine what they were thinking when they checked out the "hard mixes"?
posted by Kerr Bear 10:58 PM

Thanks... but no thanks!

Why is it that if you sign on an instant messenger and your profile specifically says "married", you attract rather than repel? Ok, ok.... call me naive, but I thought that would instantly put up a stop sign for happy hunters. That doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, I get instant messages from only married men who are "discreetly looking" or who are "happily married but looking for a supplement" or who ask if I'm truly happy. (roll eyes) Okay, if I weren't happy would I have cited "married" on my profile? I know you probably think I'm boring, but actually, as if you don't know, NO, I'm just a christian and not a hypocrite. The funny part is I start lecturing them about their infidelity and most of the time that'll get'em. However, this one guy actually went the length to explain how low risk it is, first it's only online, so his wife wouldn't supposedly find out, second, he's interested in married women so no commitment necessary. Now my question to you guys, is it really worth it? Use your head (but the one with the brain.)
posted by Kerr Bear 10:26 PM