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A picture tells a thousand words? Maybe so but ... words also paint too many pictures! However, in doing so, they reveal the heart!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Skinny dipping...

Miss Teen USA 2001 was held in South Padre Island, hmm... wonder if they were there at the same time we were? Anyway, I am watching it now as I type. Just wondering, why is it that the average height of every contestant is 5'8" and average weight is 112 lbs, and I am 5'4" and not too far from that weight but I still look so skinny? My mom reminds me all the time!! Yet I'm watching the girls strut their stuff across the stage and they all have normal proportions and curves without looking too skinny (my guess would be an average weight of 118-120lbs.) I don't know, my friends tell me I'm so paranoid. I'm just confused about my God given proportion, I guess I'm just very small boned w/o curves to begin with. Frustrating, I tell you!!

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Running for the Border

Speaking of South Padre Island... Oh man!! Did we have fun this weekend!! Some friends and I went to South Padre Island this weekend and Matamoros, MX. I love the beach in SPI, they are so clean, no litter whatsoever. Nice soft sand, no seaweed, no jellyfish, or even mosquitos or flies. Just beautiful soft waves, local seagulls, and a friendly sun. Everything was perfect. Wish it wasn't four hours away, or else I'd be there every weekend.

Anyway, we also paid our neighbors a visit as we crossed the Rio Grande River to do a little bargain shopping. They really do have nice pottery and things for the house. They had some really ornate crosses that I would've brought home had I had a place to put them. They were similar to the ones a friend and I saw in the Parade of Homes last year, some decorated with colored precious stones, varnished cherrywood, and some even resembled Brighton looking crosses. Practiced my bargaining skills, but I'm still not as good as my mom.

I was determined to get a set of bongos for my son, however the further we went along, the more expensive they became for the same set of bongos. At first a man offered them for $5.00, we thought we might get it cheaper as we continued bargain hunting, about an hour later, a different store was charging $18.00 for the same bongos and was not willing to even touch $5.00. I ended up buying the same bongos at Garcia's which sets the prices as any normal store at $6.99. Needless to say, when I returned home excited to surprise my son, he was more interested in the shells from the beach then the bongos which are already collecting dust. Go figure.

Just for Laughs: My friends and I entered one market place and the man immediately greeted us with "Sayonara". We thought, first of all, we're not Japanese. Second of all, that translates "goodbye" not "hi" or "welcome". I guess that's why Puerto Ricans get offended when you insinuate they're Mexican.

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