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Always Behind Me
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Home is where the heart is

"Taking Dinner Out of Bounds"
L to R: Dad, Mom, my brother Patrick, and Me.
Cancun, MX at All-Star Cafe

growing up...

i had a normal happy childhood. I loved McDonalds and trips to the park. I took every lesson you could imagine: ballet, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, basketball,etc. I gave my parents pride, grief, laughter, and tears. I hope one day I can repay them for all their help and support, if that's possible.

"Don't worry mom, I'm about to exit after this." (left)
"Take me, please."(right)

the original...

other half was my younger brother "trick". When we were younger, we were always at each other's throats. Today,we are closer then we've ever been before, and we rarely spend time together (go figure). He is the one person who can always make me laugh, but he seems to have that effect on everyone. His personality alone is gonna take him places.

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